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Currency exchange rate no higher than 1.32 for Canadians








Cancellation policy*:

  • Outside of 60 days of departure $1000 per person will be retained
  • 30 days or less of departure or no show: No refund
  • Should a diversion to another destination occur due to bad weather o safety reason, relocation and transportation and other costs associated to this change will be the participants responsibility. No refund for previous arrangements.


*If cancellations occur due to unforeseen personal or mechanical events, the International Air Rally will apply part of the funds retained towards the next rally event.


Important notice:

1. Responsibility:

International Air Rally is not responsible for teams affected by delays, changes of itinerary, diversions. Teams must follow the program and schedule established by the International Air Rally Organizing Committee unless security dictates otherwise: bad weather, political unrest in visited country, other events that will make destination a security hazard.


2.  All for one and one for all:

The Air Rally is an event, a unique group flying experience. Camaraderie spirit, mutual assistance and team support are at the center of this activity. Since 2001, this event gathers teams from different countries. The success of the Rally relies on the team spirit and team’s awareness of the character of this International event. Destinations provide wonderful hospitality and organize activities exclusively arranged for the participants of the Rally. Every effort is made to insure that the participants to this event go home with a load of happy memories. Considering that tremendous efforts have been made by local authorities in order to create a venue for the Air Rally, participants have to understand that they must commit to follow the itinerary and follow the program established by the destinations and the Organizing Committee from the beginning to end (subject to weather conditions). Should any team decide to divert from the intended route for any other reason than mechanical, weather or health problem, the team will no longer be considered as part of the Air Rally group.


3. Disqualification:

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify (without refund) any team or member of a team representing a risk, and this, to insure the safety and the well being of the group.


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