Fly your plane to Cuba

Fly your plane to Cuba with passionate people!


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 International Air Rally made the arrangements for the AOPA delegation visit to Cuba at the same time as we organized the People to People Twin Cessna Flyer Group to Cuba.


The Twin Cessna group was the largest ever group to land in Havana in May 2016.


Facts on Cuba Policy


June 16th, 2017:

President Donald J. Trump changes policy towards Cuba: Travel for non academic educational purposes will be limited to group travel. The self-directed, individual travel allowed by the Obama administration will be prohibited. Cuban-Americans will be able to continue to visit their family in Cuba.


The People to People Program


International Air Rally (Jackson, Wyoming) is specialized in Educational People to People Programs.  People to People is a legal way for Americans to visit Cuba, and it is our favorite way to travel. Why? It provides special authentic experiences that create a true intimate and special connection that create unforgettable memories.


Discover Cuba through the people that will inspire you


We will visit Cuba’s music and dance school’s and special community projects outside of Havana. Meet talented artists and musicians in their place of work: the streets  or home. Visit elementary schools, participate in discussions with Cuban aviation passionates and specialists.




Watch AOPA TV Live report on the experience: