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Team Registration: $2,850 USD PP Dble occ.*

*Registrations received after Dec. 1st: + 150$/PP

Aircraft Registration:  $ 450 USD 


Register individually or sponsor your team:

A sponsorship of $6000 covers the participation cost of 2 people based on double occupancy and includes all costs as listed and as per program (aircraft registration fee: 150$)

As a sponsor, take advantage of the promotional and networking opportunities offered before, during and after the event: company logo posted on event banner, promotion on social media, articles and website, promotional giveaways…

Your support is highly appreciated!  Profits are contributed to aviation related STEM  programs offered free to High school students.

Aviation Connection

The International Air Rally donates a flight simulator to a high school in the Caribbean Islands. If you have a flight simulator hanging around, bring it ! we will make more kids very happy !!!


Registration Cost Includes:

  • Room/breakfast/taxes
  • All inclusive (lodging, food, and more..) in Guyana
  • Meals included as listed on the final daily program (Vouchers)
  • Pilot/co-pilot survival training & certification (+$100 for pax training)**
  • Receptions and entertainment as per the final program.
  • Ground transport from and to the airport at destination
  • Airport fees: landing & parking at the airport of destination.
  • Landing permits if and when applicable
  • Webinar: What you need to know and to do to prepare for the journey 
  • Air Rally preparation package
  • Workshop: EAPIS, CARICOM, Intl Flight Plan
  • Team Leader assigned to a group: participants are divided into groups according to aircraft speed and supervised by IAR Organizing Committee Team Leaders.
  • Kneeboard: contains essential info when flying & on the ground.
  • Discounted fuel
  • Discounted activities
  • Pre-flight briefings & assistance with flight planning and eAPIS/CARICOM 
  • Customs expedited clearance (info forwarded ahead)
  • Fuel coordination (including alternate fuel stops and fuel order where needed)
  • Air Rally T-shirts / Luggage tags / Aircraft stickers

Included on the survival course :

Pilots will receive:

  • Course Certificate
  • UK MOD approved aircrew jungle survival kit – As demonstrated in the day’s activity program.
  • Aircraft First Aid Kit.
  • SOS marker panel
  • HDPE Door Bundle Survival Resources to assist if searching for other lost aircraft  
  • T-Shirt from Kuya Operations Academy 
  • Photographs of the day with Pave-Hawk crews

Passengers will receive :

  • Course Certificate UK MOD approved jungle survival kit
  • Personal First Aid kit
  • T-Shirt from Kuya Operations
  • AcademyPhotographs of the day with Pave-Lakota crews

To register :

Fill in the information on the online registration form, followed by the 450$ aircraft registration fee payment.

NOTE: Lodging is on a first come first serve basis. Lodging is limited at the Rock View Lodge in Guyana. Should we run out of space, additional lodging will be arranged outside of the lodge grounds. December 1st will be latest we recommend to register in order to secure the accommodations listed on the program.

Participation  is confirmed upon receipt of a 50 % Team registration fee deposit. Full payment is required 60 days before departure.

Cancellation policy:

Full refund of paid participation fees if cancellation occurs  60 days prior to the departure date. Refund of  50% of paid participation fees if cancellation occurs 40 to 59 days prior to departure date*. No refund of paid participation fees if cancellation occurs 39 days and under of departure date or no show*

*40% of non-refunded participation (per person) can be applied to the next Air Rally participation (per person).

*Registration fee is transferable: Should a participant wish to cancel and finds a replacement to take over his/her registration (not part of a registered team).

The registration fees, except aircraft fees, will be refunded upon receipt of full payment from the replacement team.

Group registration, benefits:

Group registration (2 aircraft or more):  aircraft registration fees waived.

Group of 8 participants : 1 free participation (double occupancy basis)

Team Leader benefits: Registration fees NIL-Must be familiar with Air Rally procedures. Flight formation experience is highly appreciated.

Air Rally Cancellation:

Should IAR be obliged to cancel the Rally at any time due to factors beyond their control, and postponing is not possible, they will refund  according to refunds obtained by accommodations and service providers.

Note: during the Rally, should a diversion to another destination due to bad weather or safety reason occur, relocation and transportation and other costs associated with this change will be the participant’s responsibility. No refund for previous arrangements.

COVID19: should a departure not be possible, the Rally will not be cancelled but postponed to a later date. Payments will be applied to the next departure. Participants will have to obey to the sanitary measures in place at every destination.

Important notice:

1. Responsibility:

International Air Rally is not responsible for teams affected by delays, changes of itinerary, diversions. Teams must follow the program and schedule established by the International Air Rally Organizing Committee unless security dictates otherwise: bad weather, political unrest in the visited country, other events that will make destination a security hazard.

2. All for one and one for all:

The Air Rally is an event, a unique group flying experience. Camaraderie spirit, mutual assistance and team support are at the center of this activity. Since 2001, this event gathers teams from different countries. The success of the Rally relies on the team spirit and team awareness of the character of this International event.

Destinations provide wonderful hospitality and organize activities exclusively arranged for the participants of the Rally. Every effort is made to ensure that the participants of this event go home with a load of happy memories. Considering that tremendous efforts have been made by local authorities, Air Rally  participants  understand that they must commit to follow the itinerary and follow the program established by the destinations and the Organizing Committee from the beginning to end (subject to weather conditions). Should a team decide to divert from the intended route for any other reason than mechanical, weather or health problems, the team will  be excluded from the group and their participation will be terminated.


3. Disqualification:

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify (without refund) a team or member of a team representing a risk, and this, to ensure the safety and the well being of the group.


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