Pilot Mentor Program

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Why the Pilot Mentor Program is different from other incentive aviation related programs?

While aviation related organizations mobilize to introduce non Pilots to aviation, Aviation Connection brings solutions to providing support to Pilots engaged in a commercial pilot Career.


Why is this Flying experience valuable for  commercial pilots on the way to becoming pros ?

Commercial pilots are required to build hours. This is mostly done by instructing others, operating in a designated zone and near school facility. When applying for an airline,  intensive cross country log and cross border experience  is a significant advantage highly appreciated by commercial transporters.


Who covers the participation costs of a young commercial pilot?

Sponsorship grants make it possible for the young pilot to join without paying Rally registration fees that include accommodations and meals, ground transport and activities as per program.


Who can become a Mentor:

Private Pilots registering for the Caribbean Air Rally, looking for a support qualified pilot to share commands during the entire Air Rally and often from point of origin (hometown) and back.


What advantages are associated to becoming a Pilot mentor?

-Budget: Aircraft registration fees are covered by Aviation Connection. Sponsorship can be acquired to support the team and applied towards the fuel cost.

-Security:  participant appreciates having a support pilot onboard to help with navigation. On occasion, the Pilot Mentor is not Instrument qualified and enjoys the presence of an IFR qualified pilot onboard to avoid falling behind in bad weather.

-Instruction: Often, rally participants are not experienced pilots. the Air Rally is an opportunity to build their confidence with the support of the Organisation. Having a young instructor onboard allows them to gain confidence and improve their flying skills.