Around the Caribbean Sea


The Around the Caribbean Sea Air Rally

The recent closure (Feb 2019) of Venezuelan airspace to general and private aviation by the Maduro government has put this edition on hold until further notice

Discover the Caribbean islands, South and Central America._______

In 2010, we discovered paradise: The Caribbean islands’ beauty, people’s hospitality and the diversity of cultures. In 2018, we explored further down the chain of islands, reaching South and Central America: this experience was absolutely fantastic!

The International Air Rally team works hand in hand with country officials to prepare a menu of exciting activities bringing out the authentic beauty and essence of the destinations, as seen through the eyes of the local people. Every year brings a different experience, always as exciting and memorable as previously. The Air Rally team takes care of landing permits and ensures the security of all during the entire journey.


Workshops about eAPIS, Caricom, flight planning, weather, navigation and air transport regulations, flight time and fuel consumption evaluations, are all part of this exciting and exhilarating activity. The Air Rally aims at increasing awareness, familiarizing pilots with flying procedures while being exposed to continuously changing flying conditions.

Dates: TBD

Duration: 18 days, 17 nights

Departure: Fort Lauderdale Executive (KFXE)

Mileage: 3984 NM__


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