Caribbean Skyway to Guyana

February 8 to 20, 2022

Due to covid-19 restrictions the Rally to Guyana was postponed to 2022

The Caribbean consists in more than 5,000 islands, nearly 40 nations and territories! An amazing diversity of cultures. The islands have preserved their history and often you feel like going back in time. There are plenty of airports to choose from, for island hopping, all in great condition with asphalt runways. The Caribbean region is a paradise for pilots. 

Expensive? Not at all,  fits everyone’s budget.. Safe? Definitely

Caribbean Skyway

Since 2010, the Air Rally has experienced various destinations to determine the best and safest itinerary for all types of aircraft with a minimum range of 450 NM. The Caribbean Skyway is the perfect way to visit the Caribbean Islands and reach South America safely and hassle free. Every rally brings a different experience

On our journey to Guyana, we will discover Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, founded in 1498 by Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus.

Dominican Republic airport Authority provides great support to Air Rally participants since 2010 !

Martinique ‘The Island of Flowers’ will be the mid point. An opportunity for those who don’t know Martinique to discover the island’s quaint small towns, fishing villages, colorful & lively markets, a rich, exotic gastronomy heavily influenced by French cuisine… a beautiful island!!!

On the return, you will discover the Grenadines. Most likely the little island of Bequia (TBC). You will be charmed by this place and the people…An opportunity to discover the Tobago Cays, a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Discover Guyana ‘Land of many waters’ Amazing landscape: 80% of the country is covered in rain-forest, much of which is still unexplored. Lots of wildlife !

Meet the indigenous people, The Amerindian Makushi!

Guyana has a strong cultural and historical link to the Caribbean islands. Guyana is one of the 4 founding members of CARICOM, an organisation of 15 Caribbean nations whose mission is to promote trade and cooperation.

This rally is a special edition organised in collaboration with Normandy Trident Group, a US organisation working in Guyana.

NTG will provide support from the time we arrive to the time we depart. Highly experienced former military personnel will introduce you to jungle survival. Experience a Simulated crash in the jungle and rescue drill (1 day program). NTG will provide local area ground and air transportation, maintenance support and other assistance as needed.

Pilots and crew will receive a survival course certificate and much more.. details on the program soon

Enjoying the comfort of the Rock View Lodge and authentic Amerindian hospitality. Nestled between the Amerindian villages of Annai and Rupertee where the Pakaraima foothills meet the tropical rainforest, with access to everything that central Guyana has to offer. Onboard 4×4 Rovers, trekking or onboard the UH-60 Pave-Hawk and UH-72 Pave-Lakota, you will discover Guyana like no one has ever before !

Fly into Lethem, SYLT located in the  Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region. From there you will be transported to the lodge located 1h30 away. Enjoy the ride ! OR FLY DIRECT TO THE LODGE! Annai airfield

More Information soon….